Notarial services

We perform all notarial duties pursuant to the laws, among that mainly:

1. in the field of real estate law:
preparation and authentication of sales and gift agreements of real estate and apartment ownerships;
preparation and authentication of contracts to establish mortgages;
preparation and authentication of contracts to establish personal usage rights and other servitudes;
contracts related to building title;
2. in the field of commercial law:
preparation and authentication of decisions and contracts to establish various companies;
preparation and authentication of sales, gift and pledge contracts for private limited companies;
preparation of entry applications to the commercial register;
contracts related to commercial pledges;
3. in the field of family and inheritance law:
preparation and authentication of contracts of division of common property and marital property contracts,
preparation and authentication of wills and succession contracts;
conduct of succession proceedings; 4. preparation and authentication of powers of attorney and declaring them invalid;
5. submission of annual reports of legal persons to the commercial register;
6. authentication of contraction of marriage and divorce;

In addition to the above notarial duties we offer the following notarial services:

legal counselling and preparation of documents not related to notarial duties (including preparation of projects of decisions, statutes and other documents to be presented to the commercial register for various entries);
forwarding of petitions and notices not related to the notarial duties and issuing of certificates concerning the forwarding or impossibility to forward therof;
depositing of money (except cash), securities, documents and other items.

In addition to the above the notary will forward prepared documents to respective registers (real estate registry department, commercial register, marital property register), check that the entries are made and if necessary, will solve possible entry problems together with the client. To guarantee legal certainty, in cases when notarial authentication of documents is not compulsory by law, a notary may still prepare and authenticate documents.